A Mic in Hand @ The Friend in Hand Hotel is not only a hot spot for comedians on the rise, it also plays host to some of the worlds most recognised comedians from time to time, such as Daniel Kitson, Danny Bhoy, Arj Barker, Ross Noble, Wil Anderson, Mark Watson, Sam Simmons and many, MANY more!

Liam Nesbitt currently presides over the Sydney venue with the assistance of Wayne Dixon while Daniel Moore operates the Melbourne venue with the help of Tommy Dassalo.

a Mic in Hand aims to provide audiences in Sydney and Melbourne with the best comedians from week to week at the bargain basement price of only $10 (suggested donation).

Every Thursday from 8pm.

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Performers: To book a spot email

It’s Thursday night and I’ve booked a spot at the Mic In Hand, a weekly comedy night that is run from within the Friend In Hand, an old fashioned pub with scores of memorabilia adorning the walls.

The restaurant attached to the hotel assures the patrons are well fed and the spaghetti bolognese here is a classic and clearly my recommendation should you attend. The front of the bar seats all the regulars and bar flies and the upstairs area, with its own bar, showcases the comedy each Thursday night.

This is the first stand up show that my parents have attended, so I get some food downstairs before the gig. I’m, as per usual, extremely nervous and I have trouble eating my dinner. I get through about five mouthfuls before I give up and get a plastic container to eat it later.

The last time my parents came to see me do something for the first time, (Rugby) I broke my arm. Hopefully this would involve less pain.

I down the waters and eagerly await the stage. I’ve asked to be on early as I have rehearsals later and opening night is in only two weeks time. The room upstairs has filled up and it feels like a warm room as the MC for the evening Dain Hedgpeth performs his routine. A heckler claims he can tell better jokes and he is shortly humiliated before further heckling and taking the stage gets him ejected from the room.

I go on second and stick around for as long as I can to see the following sets, but know that I have to leave very soon.

It’s a great room for comics as the audience is full and very willing to laugh, the MC bears the brunt from the hecklers as is tradition and the open mikers get a chance to clock some stage time and see what works and what plummets to a slow and painful, silent death on stage.” – Morgan


This pub has more character in its doorway than most pubs do in their entire establishment.
From man-sized scuba divers and firemen to a fully operational miniature train that chugs its way around its ceiling track, ancient poker machines and telephone boxes, framed photos and street signs and a police station light box, this pub has been serving beer since the 1800′s and it looks as though it’s saved a little bit of every year along the way. Friend in Hand also comes with its own resident squawking cockatoo that, whilst it does have it’s own cage, spends most of its time perched atop someone’s arm or stepping its was across the beer taps.

It’s amazing the way that a red velvet curtain can transform a space. Especially if there’s a mic stand in front of it. The Friend In Hand runs a weekly open-mic comedy night in their upstairs bar, “Mic In Hand”, and unlike many open-mic comedy nights, it’s not at all awkward. In fact, it’s actually funny. Whilst there’s always the possibility for cringing in these situations, more often than not “Mic in Hand” talent make it through their five minute skits unscathed, finishing to the raucous laughter of their appreciative crowd. Although if you start making racist or any kind of prejudiced jokes, be warned – you will be heckled and the crowd will more than happily put you in your place. There’s a reason why Friend In Hand was shortlisted for TimeOut’s Best Live Entertainment Pub in Sydney. This place fills out, and with good reason – for $10 you’re never too sure what you’re getting, but it often ends up being something pretty good.
” – Rachel