Crab racing

Crab Racing is on the last Wednesday of every month*

*Excludes ANZAC Day out of respect for the Diggers.

Sponsored by Carlton
It involves a bucket of hermit crabs, a sheet of numbered stickers and no end of thirsty and raucous punters. You’ll Love it.

Located in the downstairs bar on the last Wednesday of every month from 8pm
100% free!

$10 Jugs from 7-8.30pm

Private corporate events available: Email for enquiries or call 0410 773 716

HOLY HELL this place is mad! I had heard about the Friend in Hand’s famous sand crab races on Wednesday nights, so I suggested it as a fun blind date spot. We arrived there early enough to get a pre-insanity drink. I was instantly taken by the bric-a-brac decorations, including wildly dressed manikins and various other odds and ends tacked to the walls.

So the festivities began and it seemed all in good fun. Both my date and I tossed our gold coins forward and named our crabs. As we waited in anticipation, the lights dimmed, the “Rocky” theme song came on and low and behold, a man dressed in a full head-to-toe crab costume emerged running through the crowd. Much to my dismay, the bartenders took this as cue to SOAK everyone in the pub with their water guns. Horrendous!

The races started and when the crabs were placed on the round bar table everyone started to cheer passionately.
My date’s crab actually won so that automatically catapulted him into round two: chocolate salty balls. In this round, the poor guy had to eat chocolate-covered, salted doughnuts without the help of his hands and lick the plate clean. As a good attentive date, I stood there cheering him on. When he finished FIRST, the announcer yelled “He must have a clean face, get your girlfriend to help you with your face!” So enter: our first kiss. FANTASTIC NIGHT HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT”

So I headed down here on a Wednesday night for the Friend In Hands’ very special night time activity…Crab Racing! It’s a simple concept – get a bowl of hermit crabs with numbers stuck on their shells, choose a name (filthier the better – I’ll spare you my lucky crustaceans pseudonyms), own up to your crabs name, get sprayed with water, bowl of crabs gets turned over in the middle of a round table, crabs scuttle towards outer ring of table, then they scuttle sideways and eventually they reach the outside and the race is over. See, simple! Odd? Yes, very! But all good fun. Some slightly bizarre games for those that finish in the top 5/6 (eat a chocolate/salt covered donut, eat a cracker then try and whistle) in order to win a T-shirt. As I said, a little odd, but it makes for an interesting night out, and if you haven’t been to the FiH yet, you should really check it out, if not for the walls adorned with all sorts of bric n brac, then for the big cockatoo sitting on the bar.
This is a character-filled pub that is for locals and visitors alike, so don’t be put off by the seasoned drinkers holding up the bar, they won’t bite! Probably.